Customizeable vehicles

  • Perhaps if possible add a way to customize your vehicles?

    -Maybe add a mechanic role where you can customize and or fix vehicles for money

    -add options to customize your vehicles in the car dealer menu

    -everyone has access to colouring your own vehicles/or buddies

    Ps: this is old news but most of the vehicles have delayed controls making them very hard to steer (this might just be because its gmod) but is there a way to fix this?

  • -People should never be allowed to manage their vehicles on their own, Anyone can just make it the most speedy and mingy one and just fuck around, If there are steering problems, Anyone can call for a staff member to fix them up for it. -1

    -I agree with the mechanic job, quite a good idea. +1

    -I don't think colouring your vehicle is a good idea as well. 0

  • This should not be allowed even for mechanics.


    However a mechanic job can be given a vehicle repair tool so people can make a business out of it.

    Regarding the steer speed, you can call a admin to fix it for you.