NRP Update 2.2.0 'A whole new world'

  • This update, might just have been the biggest one that we yet had, still it just gets a random number. So, this update includes a re-worked version of the Berlin map.

    What does this include? Well...

    let's start simple:

    A Village just next to the lake that can be used by all sorts of people.

    Who knows what you will use it for :)

    The training area around the Forest MB has been removed

    to give the goverment more options of usage for it.

    The Neue Reichskanzlei has been added to the Map,
    though it's still kinda buggy and will get fixed in the next upcoming hotfix.

    What else has been added?

    New jobs:

    - Hobo has been renamed to Undesirable to give more RP Options

    - The Miner Job has been added

    - Now you can play as a Upper-class Citizen and get paid more for basicly doing nothing

    - If you really feel like it you can now be a Priest and just work for whoever you want or create your own cult :)

    P.S.: Yes, the SSFH is most likely still coming,

    this update was just to big to add even a whole regiment

    just as well to it.

    Also, as a small addition:

    I left out the Patchlog for 2.1.0 for some reason, so here it is:

    In 2.1.0 new playermodels for the 2nd SS Division have been added, resulting in a total reskin of the whole division.

    Here are a few screenshots:

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