Custom Group SS-Führungshauptamt

  • The SS-Führungshauptamt was the Operations office of the Allgemeine-SS and Waffen-SS.

    It was responsible for the administration of Junkerschulen Medical Services,logistics, and rates of pay. It was also the administrative and operational headquarters for the Waffen-SS that was responsible for its organisation and equipment and Order of Battle of SS combat units.


    The SS-Führungshauptamt, which was under the command of Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler, was formed in August 1940 from certain departments of the SS-Hauptamt and the Allgemeine-SS. Its main duty was the operational and administrative control of the Waffen-SS, including developing general policy on recruiting and handling special personnel requirements. Hans Jüttner was promoted to the position of chief-of-staff of the SS-FHA and handled the day-to-day operations. By 1942, recruitment by the Allgemeine SS had almost ceased as a result of World War II, meaning local units were responsible for maintaining their own staffing levels.The SS-FHA had priority over all other branches of the Armed Forces in selection of recruits. Likewise, to meet the casualty rates and expansion of Waffen-SS field divisions, service in the Waffen-SS was made compulsory for all members of the Allgemeine-SS in 1941. The SS-FHA also accepted personnel who requested voluntary transfer to the Waffen-SS after being inducted into any other branch of the military of Nazi Germany; this later included members of the Hitler Youth. When Himmler stepped down as SS-FHA chief in 1943, Jüttner took over as chief of the department till the end of the war.

    Department and Amt which we will use on the server

    Departmental Group A (Amtsgruppe A)

    • Amt I - Command Department of the Allgemeine-SS (Kommandoamt der Allgemeinen-SS)
    • Amt II - Command Department of the Waffen-SS (Kommandoamt der Waffen-SS)
    • Amt III - Central Chancellory (Zentralkanzlei)
    • Amt IV - Administration Department (Verwaltungsamt)-Will be the one on the server
    • Amt V - Personnel Department (Personalamt)
    • Amt VI - Office for Rider and Driver Training (Reit- und Fahrwesen)
    • Amt VII - Office for Logistical Theory (Nachschubwesen)
    • Amt VIII - Weaponry Department (Waffenamt)
    • Amt IX - Department for Technical and Mechanical Development (Technische Ausrüstung und Maschinen)
    • Amt X - Motor Vehicle Administration (Kraftfahrzeugwesen)

    Ranks which will be used on the server

    • SS-Oberführer und Chef des SS-Führungshauptamt - WIll be Fabian Heisch (Me)
    • SS-Standartenführer und Chefinspektor des SS-Führungshauptamt - Will be Hans von Friedrich
    • SS-Obersturmbannführer und Inspektor des SS-Führungshauptamt
    • SS-Sturmbannführer und Inspektor des SS-Führungshauptamt
    • SS-Hauptsturmführer des SS-Führungshauptamt
    • SS-Leibwächter und Wache des Oberführer's
    • SS-Leibwächter des SS-Führungshauptamt

    Playermodels for the Ranks

    • SS-Oberführer und Chef des SS-Führungshauptamt

    models/kriegsyntax/germans/waffenss/cos/oberfuhrer/playermodel.mdl ---- models/kriegsyntax/germans/ss/cos/oberfuhrer/playermodel.mdl

    • SS-Standartenführer und Chefinspektor des SS-Führungshauptamt

    models/kriegsyntax/germans/waffenss/cos/standartenfuhrer/playermodel.mdl ---- models/kriegsyntax/germans/ss/cos/standartenfuhrer/playermodel.mdl

    • SS-Obersturmbannführer und Inspektor des SS-Führungshauptamt

    models/kriegsyntax/germans/waffenss/cos/obersturmbannfuhrer/playermodel.mdl ---- models/kriegsyntax/germans/ss/cos/obersturmbannfuhrer/playermodel.mdl

    • SS-Sturmbannführer und Inspektor des SS-Führungshauptamt

    models/kriegsyntax/germans/waffenss/cos/sturmbannfuhrer/playermodel.mdl ---- models/kriegsyntax/germans/ss/cos/sturmbannfuhrer/playermodel.mdl

    • SS-Hauptsturmführer des SS-Führungshauptamt

    models/kriegsyntax/germans/waffenss/cos/hauptsturmfuhrer/playermodel.mdl ---- models/kriegsyntax/germans/ss/cos/hauptsturmfuhrer/playermodel.mdl

    • SS-Leibwächter und Wache des Oberführer's

    models/kriegsyntax/germans/waffenss/ncos/oberscharfuhrer/playermodel_2.mdl ---- models/kriegsyntax/germans/ss/ncos/oberscharfuhrer/playermodel_2.mdl

    • SS-Leibwächter des SS-Führungshauptamt

    models/kriegsyntax/germans/waffenss/ncos/oberscharfuhrer/playermodel_2.mdl ---- models/kriegsyntax/germans/ss/ncos/oberscharfuhrer/playermodel_2.mdl

    Weapons for CO's will be P38 (i sadly do not know which one as there are alot of addons which contain that gun) CO's will also get shackles.

    Weapons for both guards will be MP40 and a P38

    As i heard the map will change soon the offices will be located at the Ministry of Interior.

    Edit:The name of it would be: SS-Führungshauptamt Amt IV Verwaltungsamt

    Thank you for reading this!

    Danke für's lesen!

    Written by me-Owners:Fabian Heisch (me) and Hans von Friedrich

  • A very good Custom Job Registration. If we have stuff like SS-Med, Then why not this? Also it will make jobs of the SS and 281st very much easier because the Führungshauptamt will work in many different departments at once.. I hope this will be accepted and implemented.

    +1 From me.

  • I have no Idea why we need it on the server, at the start of the war the tactical command of the Waffen SS was transferred to the OKW.

    As such having it on the server would make very little sense as this department essentially became administrative. We could have a few ranks here but im not sure if we need it yet bearing in mind we only have 40 slots


  • +1,

    Its a good idea because single organization could take care of supplies for the regiments and organizations and more. If it is a side job i would like to be registered as third in command (if i can lol).

    The only con is that it has many jobs but some of em could be removed if founder would say so so thats not a problem.

    Also, the organization should be under the SS Oberkommando command or even SD and Gestapo so no such things can happen as yesterday with SS-Med and some time ago with SSPA.

    In reply to Klaus, the department could be an useful RP organization taking care of supplies and more.

    I can agree with you maybe having it too many ranks so it could maybe be standartenfuhrer max or delete some of the jobs.

  • In response to what happened with the SS-Med, The SD would have no concern with what was happening in that research facility given that they had permission from such a high ranking SS General.

    People must roleplay correctly and not autistically, a Standartenfuhrer would not be shouted at by Hauptsturmfuhrers and only the Brigadefuhrer could authorize what happened, not an Obersturmbannfuhrer. I agree that throwing nerve gas was not the best rp idea. However nor is arresting someone for no reason.

    RP can develop and happen but the gestapo and SD need to stop with the autism.

    The SS Oberkommando Amt VI is the Oberkommando of the SD Ausland, SS FHA is not under the command of it.

  • EDIT: The SS-Führungshauptamt will be under the command of the SS Oberkommando and or the Gauleiter (The one the Founder prefers the most)

    This is to prevent the SS-FHA from having authority over all SS forces and doing whatever they want. The Chef of it in history was under Himmler but like stated above this is to prevent such things to happen.

  • That ins't relevant on this server, the SS-FHA can simply answer to the Gauleiter if needed and work with the RSHA Generals.

  • The RSHA has no authority over SS-FHA,

    and yes it would make sense because everyone answered to the party, and Gauleiters also held ranks like Obergruppenfuhrer

  • The SS-Med Arrest warrant has been approved by the Brigadefuhrer and from what ive heard you were faking documents (idk if thats true dont blame me if not), and i heard SS-med was ordering sd. During SSPA days making an excuse they answer to only Himmler is retarded and gay. I honestly feel idea of having a standartenfuhrer rank for some medic on server is retarded and so do other people, to prevent such incidents from happening SD or even Gestapo should have authority over SS-Med. But at the end of the day its not my choice.

    Reply to Klaus: Depends what you mean about RSHA, the organization as a whole or Sipo, sd, gestapo, kripo or other departments. But RSHA as a whole should have authority and making excuse u answer to gauleiter is fucking gay as theres no gauleiter unless you mean Hoherer SS und polizeifuhrer but making such excuse u answer only to one man is retarded. But well, its a custom job app so were talking a bit offtopic here. I am going to stop talking about this and focus on topic now.

  • There is a Gauleiter now which is what I am saying, I think the best thing would be for the SS FHA to do their own thing and of course they will be under the control of senior SS generals and officers.

    As for you claiming that a Standartenfuhrer as a retarded rank it really isnt. He isnt a medic, he is the project leader of a top secret human engineering programme. Only a senior officer or a general would have such a task.

    In additon, he was not commanding SD, however as a Senior officer it should be the SD's duty to protect him because he is a VIP.

  • *when I am saying authority I mean they do not need to go and report to the RSHA, of course the RSHA has authority over essentially all Allgemeine SS departments.

  • Important Edit: This group can be a secondary job group i do not care about that part as long as i get to be the leader of it for coming up with the idea,Making the thread which took 2 hours to make,Searching for the models and weapons on the server etc.