Event Manager Application for Brewster's Son

  • 1. My SteamID: STEAM_1:0:10223064

    2. My Steamname: Brewster's Son

    3. My Name: Alex

    4. My Age: 11

    5. Languages I speak: English and a bit of Russian

    6. Do you have experience with ULX Commands?: Yes

    7. My playtime on the server: 1 hour sry about this

    8. Do you have other ranks in the server network?: No

    9. Do you have donated?: No

    9.1 Did you join our steam group?: Yes

    10. Why should we accept you?: I have been super admin on alot of different servers

    11. My Strengths: Rulebreakers fear rp rdming etc

    12. My Weaknesses: hacking ddosers etc

    13. Have you been Staff Member on another Server?: Yes I was Superadmin on a SCP server

    14. Are you active on our Teamspeak Server?: No do not have teamspeak

    15. Have you already been warned?: No

    16. Have you already been banned?: No

    17. Did you have disputes with the Staff Team?: No

    18. Could another Staff Member recommend you?: No

    19. Another player has killed you with no reason, how do you react?: I would jail the person then warn them for rdm and explain to them thats a bold boy rulebreaker

    20. Another player continuessly insults you via voice chat, how do you react?: Jail him and warn him for player disrespect

    21. You see another staff member abusing his powers, how do you react?: Call a HIgher ranking in the meantime take steam id steam name etc.

    22. A player got cardmt, how do you react?: Bring both people into a sit jail the offender then warn him after hearing both sides of the story.

    Hope this gets accepted! Thanks!

  • -1, not much detailed and effort put into the app. Sorry but such low effort wouldnt accept you for such a high role. The fuck you mean your weaknesses hacking ddosers?

  • I don't understand why you have said you have 1 hour playtime then change it 5 hrs later to 2 days,

    Can you clear that up and Reapply with a better effort.

    I am changing how event planners work anyway so you should apply for t-mod.

    Denied -REAPPLY