Major suggestions

  • -Add a riot control point in the SS Oberkommando office building and Police Department (Dont remove court control point though)

    -Make it so the Gestapo can do /job Citizen so people wont know they are working for the goverment

    -Change the goverment spawn point either in PD or behind it (Except the suggested SS-TV)

    -Add PAC 3 for donators, staff and Commissioned officers+ only

    -Change the current third person to simple thirdperson

    -Add NSDAP Job "Abschnittleiter", second in command of NSDAP.

    -Add "Advanced Duplicator 2" (Much better in making dupes trust me)

    -Add "Hoherer SS und Polizeifuhrer", an Obergruppenfuhrer, and Gauleiter rank. he can wear NSDAP, Gray SS, Black SS, ORPO Uniform, he is in command of every unit and organization on the server. He almost never is doing anything as other high command personnel are in charge for it but he is also there to make sure the city is doing very well. (Only Founder should have that rank)

    -Make gestapo so they can also wear the gray SS uniforms aswell.

    -Make SD they can wear the black uniforms aswell.


    -Add a Concentration camp where the SSPA base was

    -Replace the SSPA with a Donator/Staff side job "Totenkopfverbande", organization will have the gray or black SS uniforms (Example for gray one: models/kriegsyntax/germans/ss/cos/untersturmfuhrer/playermodel.mdl), the organization will consist of SS-TV Rottenfuhrer, SS-TV Hauptscharfuhrer and SS-TV Untersturmfuhrer.

    -Add new concentration camp job "Concentration Camp Prisoner" or "Concentration Camp Undesirable" they will have a spawn point in the concentration camp

    -The SS-TV and the Concentration Camp itself will have a mining system and a gas chamber added, with also some bunks for the prisoners (some stuff here will be built by users and perma propped).

    -The organization and the Camp will be under the Sicherheitsdienst and SS Oberkommando command

    -The SS-TV will be able to spawn an opelblitz in the camp as they would be able to transport personnel that got arrested from pd to the camp itself


    -Replace SSPA with SS-WA in other words "Uniformed German Scientists"

    -Their uniform will be Gray SS or/and Black SS one

    -Their role is to build and dupe stuff that can be useful for the soldiers so the soldiers can just spawn the dupe and the stuff set lets take a barricade or fortification for example, or they can make specific defences by props (ofc it must not be mingey or something) and dupe them and make it public for the soldiers. Basically inventing non Mingey stuff for goverment.

  • I agree with all of these suggestions, Especially the spawns and the PAC 3, And yes some jobs should be added too, As you mentioned.

    I hope all of these ideas will be implemented.

    You have got a big +1 from me.

  • I can denie parts of what we have here.

    PAC3 for Donators and Senior Admin+

    SSPA shouldnt be replaced. We dont need more regiments. Gestapo have their own uniforms like SD have their own aswell.

    What we should accept, spawn points and advanced duplicator 2. Aswel as the polizeiführer hes there with the rank of gruppenführer.