NRP Staff Changes 11/8/2018

  • Good Evening to you all,

    I am announcing important Staff changes to the France Occupation Server as I have been made Co-Owner, Jimmada has been made Owner, and Astra has stepped down and now has the rank of retired owner. We have lots of new staff you all should meet and get to know. I hope you all are having fun on NRP. We have been making lots of changes and are changing regiments around and working on getting a large military presents in the Wehrmacht as well as having active High Command and active Staff members. We can always use some advertisement to get our player base up and running. We may introduce a few small changes on server mods and vehicles. If you have any questions please just ask me. I hope to see you all there sometime and I hope you guys have a great evening.

    Much Appreciation,

    Damian R. Heidingsfelder.