Mayor Events

  • Expanding autobahn: Invest 500 RM in new roads (gain 3 +economy points) Ignore (nothing)

    Expand final solution: Cleanse and Purify! (gain 30k but lose 30 -EP) leave it as it is ( 10 -EP)

    Incident at tank factory: Install new safety rules (lose 5-EP) leave it as it is (lose 10k reichsmark)

    Allow women in war industry: More equipment! (gain 5 +EP) Only men should work in these places… (nothing)

    Start Wunderwaffe Projects: This wil make us win the endsieg! (gain 10 +EP lose 10k reichsmark) Ignore it (nothing)

    Start construction of New Berlin by Albert Spear: A new capital for Europe! (lose 50k reichsmark, gain 30 +EP) This is for after the war. (nothing)

    Resistance sabotage in the industry: More guards! (lose 2 -EP and 500 Reichsmark) Rebuild and hope for the best (Gain 2 +EP and cost 1000 Reichsmark)

    Resistance hideout found: Send the Kripo! (Cost 500 RM) You sure they are there? (nothing)

  • mayor kits that you can buy:

    SS PA armoury investment: cost 100k but gives every SS NCO/CO (and entire SS PA) the STG 60

    Panzer construction: spawns in a tank (for the panzer regiment)

    Double goverment pay check