Erwin Smith application

  • 1. My SteamID: STEAM_1:1:99069391

    2. My Steamname: CAPTINALI

    3. My Name: Ali

    4. My Age: 18

    5. Languages I speak: English Arabic and some German and Russian

    6. Do you have experience with ULX Commands?: No

    7. My playtime on the server: 5 hours or more

    8. Do you have other ranks in the server network?: No

    9. Do you have donated?: NO

    9.1 Did you join our steam group?: Yes

    10. Why should we accept you?: I'm as good as you ask me to be

    11. My Strengths: I can speak with no fear and i have a love of helping

    12. My Weaknesses: bad network and bad humor

    13. Have you been Staff Member on another Server?: No

    14. Are you active on our Teamspeak Server?: No

    15. Have you already been warned?: No

    16. Have you already been banned?: Never in my gaming life to be honest

    17. Did you have disputes with the Staff Team?: No

    18. Could another Staff Member recommend you?: Tommyman13 (Yardic)

    19. Another player has killed you with no reason, how do you react?: try to talk to him in every way possible but i will get him far form the action to calm him like a roof or a far away place if not i warn him

    20. Another player continuessly insults you via voice chat, how do you react?: try to calm him down if he wont calm down i would warn him

    21. You see another staff member abusing his powers, how do you react?: keep checks (take pictures) on him than report to some one in a higher rank than me like the owner

    22. A player got cardm, how do you react?: i would try to talk to him if he did it on accident or not but if not i would warn him for carDM

  • -Denied-

    In the question "Why should we accept you" you only wrote 9 words which is very short in my opinion. Also you are not active on TS which brings me to thinking that you won't be active on the TS in the future. In general there was not enough effort in this App.