Complaint about The 2nd SS Sniper Job

  • So, This Complaint is about the 2nd SS Sniper

    The Job has no Problems it self, but the Main Weapon he has.

    his weapon is the G41 Designated Marksman Rifle, sounds cool, but the weapon is Completely Broken.

    The Scope thats on it has such a low Zoom, that sniping with a Pistol would be easier,and also Its Broken.

    The Weapon doesnt Shoot were the Scope Aims at so its Clearly Impossible to Make A clean shot in a diring Situation.

    To Beat this Problem I would Suggest that the 2nd SS Sniper Gets The Kar 98K that the Wehrmacht Sniper has Too, because that is a Real Sniper Rifle.

    Also do i not understand, why the Wehrmacht Sniper has perfectly working and better Equipment than the SS.

    With friendly Greetings