Supporter Application

  • First of all i would like to say Hello to you,

    1. My SteamID: STEAM_0:1:50706401

    2. My Steamname:Wolf

    3. My Name: Oscar

    4. My Age: 14

    5. Languages I speak: German / English / A bit Russian and a bit Japanese

    6. Do you have experience with ULX Commands?: Yes

    7. My playtime on the server: 2 Days

    8. Do you have other ranks in the server network?: Yes im the Leader of the Schmuserkadser Fan Club

    9. Do you have donated?: No

    9.1 Did you join our steam group?: Yes

    10. Why should we accept you?: Because i plan to work for a better Stability on this Server and a better Playtime for the Community

    11. My Strengths: Im Strong Willed, attentively, I listen and

    12. My Weaknesses: I hate people who dont let others finish their sentence [those guys get gagged but that wont be a problem]

    13. Have you been Staff Member on another Server?: Headadmin Senpaigaming / TTT Moderator Suspect Gaming /

    14. Are you active on our Teamspeak Server?: Yes

    15. Have you already been warned?: No

    16. Have you already been banned?: No

    17. Did you have disputes with the Staff Team?: No

    18. Could another Staff Member recommend you?: Yes, Marcel Davis(Ernst Kurz)

    19. Another player has killed you with no reason, how do you react?: First, it will be tried to be handled in RP, if it cant be handled in RP, a Support Talk will be needed were further Actions will be talked about

    20. Another player continously insults you via voice chat, how do you react?: He gets drawn out of RP and will be having a private talk, if he still does not Stop he will be Warned

    21. You see another staff member abusing his powers, how do you react?: He will be Reported to Higher Staff and Further Action is for them to decide

    22. A player got cardmt, how do you react?: If he stepped in front of the Car , its his own fault. If the Player who killed him Changed his way to kill him, He gets Warned



  • Let me say the pros and cons here;

    Too young.

    Emoji why?

    Has admin experience.

    The 19.-21. responds look good.

    Regulary on the server.

    While looking at your application i'm not sure if your mature enough for this.

  • Also im not too young, if you let 10 Yo persons into the team i cant be to young

    also just to say about your saying that im not very mature, i am Mature enough to handle the Job im applicating to, otherwise i would´nt write one.