Werewulf (Registration/Questions)

  • Welcome to Werewulf!

    This turn-based game is about a fight between citizens and werwulfs in a little village called "Dunkelburg". At first the Game Master gives everyone a role. There are different roles.


    Every night the werewulfs choose together one victim. It dies.


    After the werewulfs have chosen a victim, the witch can use a healing potion to safe the victim and/or use a death potion on someone else. She has only one of both potions.


    If the hunter dies he can choose another person, it dies too.


    He awakes in the first night. He has to choose a couple, this couple must survive together. He can even pair off himself to someone.

    Each night she chooses a person, whoose identy will be shown to her.


    At day everybody chooses a victim who dies. The citizen want all werewulfs to die.

    If you want to join the game, please send a PM to me. I will start the game, if enough players signed in. (min. 6) If I have only a little amount of players, I will not assign every special role. Send your actions in the night to me. I will post the output here. In this forum you are only allowed to post a review after a game and during the day at the disscussion of all playsers who is maybe a werewulf and has to die.

    (I will ad the play times soon)