• The Suspect Ratting guide

    Chapter 1: What is ratting?

    This guide will explain to you what "ratting" is and how to do it. Ratting as an activity is essentially hunting NPCs. For this you can warp

    to asteroid belts and kill the NPCs that spawn there, often fewer in numbers, or repeatedly "farm" combat sites.

    You can find those combat sites in your probe scanner:

    Generally the preferred type of ship for this activity is a drone boat, e.g. the Vexor, Myrmidon or Gila among others, due to drones not

    consuming ammo and therefor leaving you with the most profit. Also drones compared to energy and hybrid turrets don't consume capacitor

    leaving you with more room for tank.

    Chapter 2: How do you run those sites?

    When warping to a site it is generally suggested to orbit any object within that combat site at 1000 meters. If you have an afterburner activate it as well.

    This will keep your transversal up which makes it harder for the enemies to hit you and therefor reduces the damage you receive. Not every ship needs to do this though.

    Ships that don't need to do this are: Praxis, Armageddon, Ishtar, Dominix

    That is assuming the fits are made to "facetank", which means to just sit there and be able to tank anyway.

    If your drones are being shot by the NPCs in the site recall them, wait about 5 secs and then send them out again. This should make the NPCs shoot you again.

    Chapter 3: What ship can I use for ratting?

    There is a plethora of ships you can potentially use for ratting. Due to not every ship being equal not every ship can run every site. Therefor each

    listed fit also suggest a type of site you can run with it, assuming Gurista NPCs. These ships are ranked from very little skill intensive to very high skill intensive.

    Rookie Vexor

    Average income: 15-20

    Suggest combat sites: Serpentis Forlorn Rallypoint

    Ratting Myrmidon

    Average income: ~30mil/h in bounties

    Suggested combat sites: Forlorn Rallypoint / Hub

    Ratting Gnosis

    Average income: 30mil/h + loot

    Suggest combat sites: Forsaken Hub

    Ratting Gila

    Average income: 50mil/h

    Suggest combat sites: Forlorn hubs / Havens

    Ratting Dominix

    Average income: 60mil/h

    Suggested sites: Serpentis Haven

    Ratting Ishtar

    Average income: 60mil/h

    Suggested sites: Serpentis Haven