BL0B Shitfit Frigate Tournamnet

  • Welcome to the thread about the first BL0B Elite Frigate Tournament!

    Here the rules for the tournament will be laid out so you can prepare for it.

    Please respect that all ships for the tournament will be handed out and you are not allowed to bring your own ships.

    General Information:

    Prizepool: 500 Plex (#1 gets 300 Plex, #2 100 Plex, #3-4 50 Plex)

    Date: Sunday, 27/02/2022 19:00 EVE Time


    1. All ships are handed out. No modifications are allowed to be made.

    2. If a participant is unable to use the handed out ship he may trade it for another one.

    3. When choosing a ship you are not allowed to check the fit beforehand.

    3. All frigates are T1 fitted.

    4. All fights will be held as either 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3 with teams being chosen at random.

    5. The rules are entirely made up

    Following ships will be available during the tournament:

    Light Missile Launcher Condor

    Artillery Punisher

    Beam Laser Atron

    Blaster Burst

    Neuting Venture

    How to apply to the tournament:

    Entry to the tournament is free. All you have to do is message Isabella Echerie (I-401#1753) on Discord.