Gas Huffing Guide

  • What is gas huffing? Gas huffing is simply mining but rather then mining ores you are mining gas, and most importantly gas is way more valueable then ores are.

    There are a few major differences between mining and gas huffing however, the biggest one being, unlike mining where you can just warp to a belt go up to the rocks and start mining, you need to find to the gas site via exploration. There is 2 main exploration ships (least as far as this guide is concerned) the heron, and the buzzard, the heron is much cheaper, and requires very few skills to fly, but as you might guess is a weaker scanning ship then the buzzard, which costs much more, has a higher SP requirement to be able to fly effectivly, and requires omega, but is the better scanning ship, and importantly is able to fit a Covert Ops Cloak which allows it to be cloaked while warpping. Both ships also fit a Warp Core Stabilizer which allows them to warp even when they are tackled by a single warp scrambler (if you want to read up on how this works in terms of mechanics read, here) they must be manually actived (do this BEFORE giving the warp command) and last for 10-18 seconds, depending on the exact type fit.

    Heron fit

    Buzzard fit

    if you don't know how to do exploration, here is a guide on the basics of how to do Exploration

    There are 3 main types of gas, Mykoserocin, Cytoserocin, and Fullerenes although they all are found the same they do have a number of differences.

    Starting with Fullerenes, these have the biggest difference from the other 2, as they are found in wormholes (also called jspace) where as the other two are found in normal space (also called kspace). Fullerene sites also have the feature of spawning Sleeper NPCs every 15-20 minunties from the time a player enters the site and can quickly destroy any mining ship, however they are still very profitable and importantly, are much easier to find a large amount of then the other 2 types. you also need to check the site name before you warp to it, as the site Ordinary Perimeter Reservoir spawns with 5 NPC turrets, which will quickly kill your mining ship, if you warp to it without killing them first

    Second up is Mykoserocin, they are found across the entire map, though each only has 1 type in it, these are the easiest and safest to harvest, due to the fact they are the only type to spawn in high security space (they do still spawn in lowsec and nullsec though) and have no NPC spawns or special spawns

    and finally Cytoserocin, this is like Mykoserocin with 2 major differences, the first one being that it only spawns in null and low sec, and second, and far importantly, it has a chance to explode every time you mine it (this only applies to the sites in nullsec, the lowsec sites do not explode and not all nullsec sites explore, if you don't know before entering a site if it does, you can check the wiki) all mining fits linked in this guide will surive at least 1 damage tick, and in some NS sites, will spawn defending NPCs (these will generally requie a combat ship to kill them)

    For the ships used to mine gas there is 3 main opitions, the venture and the prospect for general use and for nullsec in friendly space with a station, here is a guide on how to stay safe in nullsec, and high sec the procuer is a opition.

    The venture is the cheapest of the 3 by far, but is only slightly worse then the prospect for a miner, what it lacks is the EHP (effective hitpoints, which is the hp of your ship once resistances are accounted for) to tank more then 1-2 damage ticks (depending on the site, you generally want to warp to a station, ideally a player one, and repair after you take a damage tick) from Cytoserocin, its cheap cost makes it a great starter gas huffing ship as well being the only one able to be flown by alphas, it also has a helpful feature of its role bonus (a passive buff a ship gets) of +2 warp core strength, which acts as a built in warp core stabilzer

    The prospect is a upgrade venture, it has much better EHP, miners slightly more, and is able to fit a covops cloak (which allows it to warp while cloaked)

    and lastly the procuer, unlike the other two (which are frigates) the procurer is a mining barge, it costs the most of the 3 but also mines the most and has by far the highest EHP, and is also able to deal with the NS NPCs spawned by cyroserocin sites rather then needing to get a combat ship to kill them

    Venture fit

    Prospect fit

    Procurer fit

    Gas isk calculator (suggested to sort by isk/m3)