Abyssal Beginners Guide

  • Abyssal Beginner Guide

    This guide was specifically made for new players to guide them through their first few runs in abyssals and also handhold them all the way to T3 Abyssals.

    It includes a general explaination of what abyssals are, guides on how to run them and what you can expect in income. There will also be skill plans available ingame

    which you can follow to be handholded skill wise as well all the way to T3 Abyssals.

    What are Abyssals?
    Abyssals are the only case of instanced PVE in EVE Online in which you are entirely safe from outside intervention.

    Each Abyssal Filament has its own effects which effect your ship and all the NPCs inside it. All the suggested fittings also suggest you which Filament to use.

    Within an Abyssal you have to complete three (3) rooms filled with hostile NPCs you have to kill to progress to the next room.

    To complete them you are time limited to 20 minutes. You can check your remaining timer by hovering over the red symbol in the top left of your screen.

    In each room you will find one or multiple loot containers while your focus should be on looting at the very least the Triglavian Biocombinative Cache in every room.

    There can also be resource caches but those are very far spread and contain significantly less loot than the main container which is why most players leave those out.

    To loot any of these containers you will need to shoot them and loot the wreck that is left behind.

    Once you killed the hostile NPCs and have looted the room you have to move on to the Transfer Conduit, a triangle shaped warp gate and activate it. To activate it right click it and hit "Activate gate".

    This will bring you to the next room or, after the third room, back out of the abyssal.

    How to get into the Abyss

    To get into the abyss you will need to buy Abyssal Filaments.

    Those you can acquire on the market. You will need to put them in the cargohold of your ship.

    Once you are undocked and ready to go make sure to create a bookmark from where you can run your abyssal sites (if you don't know how to make a bookmark check tip #4).

    Once at your spot you open your cargohold and use your filaments in your cargohold to start the Abyss. If you are in a destroyer or a frigate it will tell you to form a fleet.

    You can simply form a fleet with yourself by right clicking your name in chat and hitting "Form fleet with". This will put you in a fleet with yourself and you are able to run a fleet with yourself.

    T0/T1 Abyssal Punisher Guide

    Tips for the Abyss

    With the basic sorted here will now be a few tips for the abyss listed. If you follow all of them you should have a good time and be able to make decent amounts of ISK.

    1) Always have enough spare ISK to buy the ship you are currently using at least once again.

    Abyssals can be hard and they have been made in a way that in the higher levels you are often faced with situations you might more likely die in.

    So it is important to always have enough ISK in the backhand to replace the ship you are currently using.

    2) Never fly straight towards enemies.

    Just as outside of the Abyss the damage you receive is influenced by transversal, transversal being the the relative speed of your ship to the enemy ship that is firing at you.

    This can make a difference between a grazing shot or a critical hit. One doing far less damage than the other. To manually set a course for your ship hold Q, this will allow you to drag a line with your mouse, hit left click once you have set a horizontal course after which it will allow you to set a vertical course, when you again hit left click you will move in that direction.

    3) Dock regularly to stations and drop off your loot and repair your modules.

    Dying is a real threat. So make sure to drop off your loot and repair your modules in stations.

    4) Use your filaments in safespots.

    To make a safespot press Ctrl + B, this will open the "create bookmark" menu.

    While you are warping between to spaces you now can hit Enter to create the bookmark and warp back to it by right clicking in space --> locations and selecting the location you created.

    You can find all the bookmarks you made by clicking in the top left on the hamburger menu (neocom menu) --> Personal --> People and Places.

    5) Abyssals in frigates or destroyers require more filaments but also drop more loot

    If you run Abyssals in frigates you will need 3 filaments, if in destroyers you will need 2 filaments as you are able to bring that many people into the abyss with you.

    If you run the Abyss solo with any of that shiptype you will also get more loot as they are designed for multiple people. The dificulty does not change in itself though.

    Abyssal Fittings and Skillplans

    As mentioned before this guide will accompany you all the way to T3 Abyssals.

    To find the skillplan open the skill window, select skillplans and select "Corporation Skillplans".

    Here you can find a number of Skillplans, among them the Abyssal Newbie skillplan.

    Once you have finished the skillplan you will be able to fly the T3 Abyssal Gila decently as well as all the other skills.

    The skillplan is structured in a way that you progress from Corax to Caracal to Gila.

    To find the Corporation fittings for the Abyss please visit our corporation auth. The list to the abyssal fittings:


    To load the fittings ingame open one of the fittings, select "copy to EFT" and copy the text.

    Now you will have the fit in your clipboard. To laod it in game open your fitting window, click in the browser on the bottom left "Import & Export"

    and select "import from clipboard".

    Please remember that only the Fittings listed on the website are correct. Use the ones listed ingame at your own disgression or

    feel free to ask if they are still up-to-date on our discord.