Fleet Activity Rewards

  • Joining a fleet is fun but joining a fleet also means you are taking part in a group activity instead of making isk or similar.

    To reward the players who put their effort into helping their entire group the Fleet Activity Reward System exists.

    Below you can see the rewards that are handed out to the most active pilots in corporation.


    1. A member can only receive one (1) reward per month.

    2. Rewards marked in gold are only handed out once in total per month.

    3. Fats are only counted for the current month but across all characters.

    4. There is special rewards for the member with the highest single character fats, marked in green.

    5. All rewards will be handed out towards the start of the next month.

    Fats = Fleet Activity Tracker, awarded for participating in a fleet

    Number of Fats required
    100.000.000 ISK
    Legion Hull + Subsystems
    Moros / Revelation
    Most fats on a single character