• In combat and out in space it can be important to only see things on your overview which you actually need.

    For this we have a corporation overview that you can use. You are free to use whatever overview you want to.

    Just make sure to use one that is better than the default EVE overview as it is considered very bad.

    How to set up the corporation overview:

    Step 1: Join the Sara-Shawa Overview channel

    You find it in the Corp MOTD.

    Step 2: Download the overview pack

    Click on Part 1 to Part 4 and download them in order:

    1, 2, 3, 4

    Step 3: Select the main Tab in your overview and open the overview settings

    Just as said above. Select the main tab on your new overview and then open the overview settings.

    Step 4: Make sure to have all friendlies and hostiles shown on the Main tab.

    Simply follow the highlighted steps below. In step 3 select for all options "show by default.

    Afterwards you can close the settings window. You DO NOT have to hit save. It saves automatically.

    Step 5: Customizing your overview.

    Once you have set up your overview you are free to customize it.

    To do that you have to first understand what each tab does:

    * - Tab: Travel. It shows stations, stargates but no players or NPCs. This is a nice way to travel through highly populated systems.

    Main - Tab: Basic PVP / PVE. Shows friendlies and hostiles. This is for small to midgang pvp.

    3 - Tab: Normal PVP tidi. This shows only hostile players. This is useful in massive fights as it allows you to see less players. This is especially useful in fights of 100+

    4 - Tab: Hostile logistics. This shows you hostile logistic ships only.

    Warpout: This shows you only celestials (planets etc.) and allows you to quickly warp to a random spot when you have to run away.

    You are free to customize your tabs. There is also preloads saved. Please make sure to leave tab *, Main, 3 and Warpout there as you will use them a lot.

    When you right click a tab you get the option "Load preset to tab". This allows you to choose from a bunch of other preloads that you can load to your current tab.