• Suspect Buyback

    Suspect runs a buyback for: Loot, Salvage, Compressed Ores, Moon Ores

    All buyback contracts are accepted in CCP-US. Read below for more info.

    1. Compressed Ores / Moon Ore Buyback

    Make a copy of the Buyback Spreadsheet click me and use it to calculate what you will be paid for your ores.

    Suspect buys any compressed ores or moon ores in CCP-US. Your contract will be accepted within 48 hours.

    2. Loot / Salvage / PI

    Suspect Squadron buys back any Mission Loot at 90%, Salvage (and exploration loot) at 90% Jita Buy Price and PI at 90% Jita Buy Price.

    Use evepraisal https://evepraisal.com/ to get your price. Click on the little cog wheel and set price percentage 90

    Make a contract with the buy price listed there and the evepraisal link as description.


    Reminder: Buyback contracts are only accepted in CCP-US

    If your Buyback has not been accepted within 48 hours make sure to contact either Akizu or Isabella Echerie via discord.